Industrial Automation

    Design of complete machines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechanisms, weldments, springs, machined parts, and sheet metal parts.

    Assembly of prototype machines.

    Design and assembly of production tooling, jigs, and fixtures.

    Specification and selection of switches, transducers, sensors, and complete mechanical subsystems.

    General Engineering / Design Services

    Stress, force, heat, energy, and power calculations.

    CAD drafting services.

    AutoCad consulting - custom menus, AutoLisp programming.

    Technical writing - specifications, assembly instructions, etc.

    Shop liaison services - requests for quotes, coordination and expediting of shop work.

    Design / reporting / analysis using the following software:

    • SolidWorks
    • AutoCad/AutoLisp
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • GEARTECH Gear Design & Analysis software
    Services offered include calculation or experimental determination of loads and stresses, selection of components, calculation of component life, layout and detailed design of mechanical power transmission systems, as well as troubleshooting of existing mechanical power transmission systems. Troubleshooting capabilities include determination of loads with strain gauges and/or load cells, and alignment checking.

    Mechanical Power Transmission

    Bay Machine Design offers services relating to the following types of mechanical power transmission components:

      • Gear drives
      • Chain drives
      • Shafts
      • Brakes
      • Guarding
      • Belt drives
      • Bearings
      • Couplings
      • Clutches
      • Interlocks

Gear Design & Analysis

  1. Design of new gears, gearsets, gearboxes.
  2. Analysis of existing gears or gear designs.
  3. Design of replacement gears.
  4. Design of gears for a new ratio in an existing gearbox.
  5. Optimize gear profile shift for balance of bending strength, wear resistance, and scoring resistance.


Troubleshooting of mechanical power transmission systems;
When a mechanical power transmission system fails or does not perform properly, it is usually for one of the following reasons:
    1. Excessive loading - the system is simply experiencing greater load than it was designed to handle.
    2. Misalignment - the components of the system are not properly physically aligned with each other.
    3. Inadequate component mounting - this can lead to movement of the components under load, resulting in misalignment.
    4. Inadequate, improper, or contaminated lubrication.
    5. Unfavorable environmental conditions such as chemical or physical contaminants or extreme temperatures.
    6. Improper maintenance procedures such as forcing belts onto pulleys without first reducing center distance, or installing bearings on shafts by pressing on the outer race.
    7. Defective components.

    Bay Machine Design is equipped to analyze, diagnose and specify corrective actions for all of the above situations.

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